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We're are on a mission to change Texas

Our Founders Story


Growing up, I always knew that I wanted to go to college. However, being the only person in my house to pursue higher education was a difficult experience. I had to navigate the college application process independently, and I wasn't aware of the scholarship and grant opportunities available for adopted kids like myself.

To add to my troubles, I was unable to bear the expenses associated with applying to colleges, including the entry and application fees. On top of that, I found it challenging to complete the FAFSA form. I vividly recall being anxious about applying to college and feeling uncertain about my chances of being accepted, which made the application process even more daunting.

Despite these challenges, I persevered and ultimately achieved my goal of going to college. Along the way, I realized that many other students like me faced similar obstacles and needed support to achieve their dreams.

That's why I founded my nonprofit, to help students from underrepresented backgrounds navigate the college application process and achieve their academic goals. Through our programs and resources, we aim to empower students to overcome the obstacles that stand in their way and achieve their full potential.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide personalized resources and assistance to help Texas students overcome obstacles to achieve their college, career, and/or military aspirations.

Our Vision

"Our vision is equitable access for all students in higher education, career, and military opportunities, free from barriers to success and inclusivity".

The Theory That Guides Our Actions.

Our philosophy supports academic achievement and emphasizes the importance of socio-emotional health.


As we look towards the future, we are excited to equip students with the knowledge and resources to explore diverse career, college, and military pathways. By doing so, we are confident that students can make informed decisions about their future and pursue their desired career paths confidently and enthusiastically.


At our institution, we strive to boost students' self-assurance by emphasizing the significance and possibilities of non-traditional careers. We aim to empower students to follow paths that align with their interests and broader life objectives through hands-on experiences.


Our organization partners with workforce training programs, community colleges, and corporations to provide students with the necessary resources, support, and career pathways. We strive to eliminate any obstacles that students in underserved communities may face when trying to access affordable and accessible training programs in Texas.

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Next Step Academics Philosophy

At Next Step Academics, we believe in providing students with multiple options to make informed decisions about their futures. We help students discover their full potential through personalized education, tailored to their unique needs.

Our Commitment to Equity and Inclusion

We commit to ensuring everyone has equal access to opportunities and resources and acknowledging that each individual possesses unique strengths and potential. We strive to empower students to pursue careers and educational pathways to help them attain independence and financial stability.

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