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High Fives

Discover Your Future Workforce's Next Generation of Talented Individuals

Build A Diverse Workforce To Address Skills Gaps And Future Needs.

Become a corporate partner and gain access to a pool of motivated, skilled individuals eager to contribute to your company's success. Highlight economic opportunities in your industry.

Gain Direct Access to Tomorrow's Skilled Workforce.

Access a pool of young individuals exposed to in-demand career pathways, eager to achieve economic stability.

Address The Trades Gap

Address the ongoing skills gap by showcasing career opportunities to underserved students, enhancing the pipeline for future talent.

Construction Workers
Medical Team

A Diverse Workforce Is Essential.

We're committed to creating a diverse workforce by providing equal opportunities for underrepresented young people to build stable careers.

Enhanced Recruitment and Employer Branding

Demonstrate a commitment to investing in the local community and supporting youth empowerment through your industry.

How You Can Partner With Us

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College Event

Students need to see what colleges have to imagine themselves in the professional world. Come set up a booth!

Please send us an email.

Launch an Industry Simulation

Collaborate to develop and brand a hands-on experience aimed at reaching. Houston-area students annually to fill hiring gaps. Please send us an email.

Volunteer Team

Corporate Volunteers 

Want to volunteer as a team/business? We would love to have you. Sign up now!

Become a Donor

Next Step Academics is grateful to have the support of partners across the city who share our vision of equitable access to quality tutoring and careers. If you’d like to learn more about joining our community as a supporter or Career Day sponsor, please donate below or email our CEO.

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Become a Sponsor 

Our sponsors include local and regional individuals, families, and companies that believe in the value of education in lower-income communities.  By contributing to Next Step Academics' vision of connectivity, you can help all Texas residents succeed.

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