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Members Club


Welcome to the Members Club! You now have access to everything that's going on in our organization. 

Choose your membership level

  • Tutoring & Academic Support

    Every month
    We provide tutoring services and academic support to help you thrive in your educational journey.
    • Access to your ACT/SAT/PSAT E-cources
    • Interactive pre-recorded video lessons
    • 300+ quiz questions
    • College Prep Textbook E-reader
    • SAT Essay Template E-reader
    • College Prep Genius Workbook (PDF Download)
    • Daily Homework Guide
    • Journal for Success
    • SAT Score Tracker
    • 1:1 tutoring with a volunteer (via Google Meets)
    • Online mechanical test
    • Online ASVAB testing

"Enter a meaningful quote from a staff member.  This will change on each page."

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